“Selfish isn't a dirty word. It means we take care of ourselves and are able to give back.” - Jillian Michaels

Lee. Late 20s. ♥ Happily engaged to my best half ♥ Daughter of winter. Street fashion lover. Crafty. eBay addict and proud. Open-minded. Korean culture fanatic. Former plus-size girl, and curves lover.

HW: 109kg (+240lbs)
CW: 70.4kg (155.2lbs)
LW: 66.4kg (146lbs)
FW1: +/- 60kg (+/- 132lbs)
FW2: Be fit.

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Walk today…. ended hurting my ankle. Go me!

(I forgot to take photo until I got home, so my HR is lower than it was when I was walking)

azraeldoesnotdispute replied to your post “Good morning, everyone! In two months exactly I will be an old lady,…”

You’re going to be so close to me!

I thought about that the other day! I still have your Texan flower bookmark, and I remember you were from Texas (like my fiance). :) I will be in Houston, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio… not sure if somewhere else.

Looking to follow more fitness related blogs!


Please reblog this if you post about fitness so I can follow you. I love seeing personal posts and stuff too so anyone is welcome! Trying to get some more fitspo on my dash.


what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom

Good morning, everyone!

In two months exactly I will be an old lady, I will be 28 yrs old. Yes, in two months exactly it’s gonna be my bday which I don’t look forward to because I hate getting older hahaha.

But on the bright side it’s my first bday as someone’s fiancee, and from November 26 to December 14 I will be in USA with my hubs (meeting his family and spending 3 days in Houston with them, experiencing my first Thanksgiving ever, eating all things pumpkin, going to asian markets, living the murrican life at Corpus Christi, spending a weekend off at San Antonio to celebrate our anniversary, …)


“The first step to loving yourself is recognising that it’s taken you your whole life to learn to hate yourself.”

- Prof. Chapman, illustrating the size of the job. The scale of the problem. (via mediumdensity)

Not dead, just life busy.

Life really has been crazy lately. Last stressful thing I posted here was my grandma’s illness I think, but after she recovered problems seemed to come one after another. Life really got crazy and stressful.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and ice cream but it’s better, so I wanted to focus more on myself again and tumblr always helps me to do so physically and mentally.

This was my burn today (YES, I FINALLY GOT A HRM WITH CHEST BAND FOR ACCURACY!). I guess the fact I’m getting out of shape shows in my burns because my HR goes up easier than before so I burn more calories. Oh well… it makes me proud! This is the burn after a loooooong walk at the fastest pace I could manage.